Spoken English Classes

Uniqueness of the course

getGURUtoday's research team has developed a unique training technique through its "mind and speech coordination technique". The basic logic in this technique has been evolved from the natural process in which a child learns a new language , which in most cases is the child's mother tongue / native language. You may have experienced meeting a person who cannot read or write but speaks fluently. You rarely find any grammatical error ! This is because the person has listened to people talking in that language and learnt the language through the natural process. But once a person learns a language, but it is difficult for him or her to adopt another language as the language that the person is used to speak becomes a dominant language and there is a tendency to translate, which causes errors and thereby hesitation. Mind and speech coordination technique envisages reducing and finally eliminates the tendency for translation through the mind power exercises.

The course does not emphasis only on translation method, although translation from the native language ( e.g., Hindi for Hindi speaking population) is just a part in the process of learning. The course gives equal importance to the learner's mother tongue. A person who is confident in his own native language learns a foreign language quickly, so we never advices learners to neglect his or her own mother tongue.

Students who want to speak good and properly constructed sentences, should have been exposed to grammar therefore this course deals with each aspects of grammar in required details to help learner to use tenses, sentence structures , prepositions, conjunctions properly. Once a student is more confident about sentence constructions ability, his or her fluency increases.

To speak fluent English it is very important that we follow the course well researched recommended steps of the promoter, Prof. Tarun Roy Choudhury authored a book on 'Speak English well'. Prof.Tarun has been a registered English Language teacher ( ELT ) of Cambridge ESOL program. ESOL program in English is for non-English speaking countries. He has also taught in over a dozens of Institutions across the country including BITS, Pilani, worked as a Professor & Dean in the department of Management in Shridhar University, Pilani, BML Munjal University and lastly retired as a Principal of a reputed CBSE School in Karauli, Rajasthan. He has over 36 years of teaching and research experience.

The First step in mind and coordination technique is to increase mind power through learning to remember chain of words in imaginary thinking mode. Say if the trainer utters 30 different words randomly and immediately upon completing the list asks students to repeat the same in the same sequential order in which he had uttered those words. In all probability it will not be possible to repeat all of them without making mistakes. But the technique makes it possible and it is easy .So easy that a class V child can repeat all the words without any hesitation. Students who have completed their course under the promoter can now speak fluent English, they can repeat 70-80 words without any obstruction , they can tell the imaginary chain story in English with complete clarity. The process has also trained them to speak on any topic in a logical impromptu mode. Therefore, a student who completes the course is ready to face any challenge for cracking an interview at any level. The training system not only helps a student to learn spoken English, the system improves student's mind power and helps him/her in other area of study be it, reasoning, history, math, etc. The research team at 'getGURUtaday.com' has developed many more techniques which are practiced in class room teaching. Every technique is unique in itself. Another very useful method for student is "photo copying" technique, in which the mind concentration is increased on certain meditation processes. The entire process is based on focused listening and voice modulation of the reader / narrator. This course will also help self learners and also trainers who wish to conduct Spoken English Training classes. The course has included exercises for practice in class setting or for self evaluation. All exercises are supported by solutions and suggestions where ever required to help students.

The promoter is of the strong opinion that learning to think in English should be the basic ground for sharpening our though process. A person who is fluent in multiple languages faces no problem in thinking in any of his or her known languages. And can switch from one language to another as ease. This intrapersonal communication process requires to be developed to make unhindered communication with self. Once students follow our techniques, there is no doubt that he or she becomes a fluent English speaker in short time.

Who can Join this course?

Any one , whoever desire to speak English well.

  • School & College students
  • Home makers
  • Company executives
  • Job seekers for interview preparation

Courses offered?

  • Basic English speaking course
  • Advance English for competitive examinations
  • BEC (Business English Certificate) for British Council Examination Preliminary & Vantage
  • IELTS preparation course for British Council Examination to qualify for going overseas ie, Canada, Europe,
  • Australia etc. for higher studies and also qualifying for Visa.